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Friday, April 9, 2010


 These are the last things anyone wants to hear.  However, if you're prepared, these natural disasters don't have to be as scary as they are.  If you’ve committed to a remodeling project, be sure to talk with your builder about incorporating disaster-ready alternatives into your home construction. Just making small adjustments in building materials can protect your home from natural disasters in the future. Think about disasters that are common to your area.  Fires?  Why not use cellulose insulation, a green material made from recycled paper and treated with non-toxic fire retardent additives?  Southern California homeowners, this is a definite must have for you since our wild-fires are quite frequent and temperatures are getting higher every year.  Also, think about  fire-proofing your roof and siding.

A lot of rainfall?  Hurricanes?  Flooding?  Consider the following to protect your home against water and wind damage:
  •  Impact-resistant glass can save your windows and doors from hurricane-related damage.
  •  Carpets are ruined by flooding. Install tile instead for flooring with a longer life-span.
  •  Installing electrical outlets 24 or 36 inches from the floor (rather than the conventional 16) will lessen the chance of water damage.

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