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Monday, March 29, 2010

Think About Your Favorite Places

        The goal of remodeling is to create the perfect space for you.  Look around at the places where you live, work, and visit.  Think about what you like about these places and ways that they can be integrated into your dream home.
        So go visit your favorite places!  Is it a bookstore with great lighting and chairs you can just throw yourself into?  Perhaps it's the outdoors with beautiful greenery?  Or maybe it's your local coffee shop with that cool bohemian feel?  Take notes and pictures of the the things that you are immediately attracted to and try to find patterns and similarities.  Also, if you're running short on time, take a peek through pictures in magazines, books, or websites for colors, styles, items, or buildings that catch your eye. 
        For a quick start, how about taking a look through HartmanBaldwin's very own designs and see the homes we've created.  From avant-garde to a Spanish-Mediterranean style, find the design that best represents who you are and how you live.  Look through the photos, find your favorites, and don't worry about having too many!  When creating the home of your choice, don't edit your like and dislikes - go with your instincts.  The most inspired spaces usually meld multiple style sources, making your home truly unique and personable.

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