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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sustainable Preservation

Our passion for architectural preservation “has won us many reward and a reputation for being the go to…firm for recreating class structures that retain their original essence,” as stated in this month’s Arroyo Monthly. HartmanBaldwin is proud to be a part of this magazine’s monthly focus on historic preservation and sustainability. For many residents who live in older, character homes, creating a more ecologically intelligent and technologically advanced environment simply doesn’t fit the design. However, there are reasonable means to preserving the historical integrity of the home while upgrading it with new environmentally friendly technologies.

At the end of the day, HartmanBaldwin understands that the greenest home is the home already built. However, prolonging the life of a historic home also means upgrading the systems and building envelope so it can withstand the elements as the years pass. This type of remodeling requires meticulous attention to detail and research that are important and specific to restoration projects.

Do you have “green” on the brain now? Learn more about how we can restore and improve your current historical jewel of a house into a durable, comfortable, and energy efficient home that exemplifies environmental responsibility. Check out HartmanBaldwin’s Green Your Home Seminar and learn how greening your home increases its resale value, reduces long-term maintenance costs and utility bills, as well as reducing your home’s carbon footprint. If you’re running a little short on time than take a look at 10 tips to green your home and the ways we integrated green design into the Darling-Wright Residence, as featured in the L.A. Times blog.

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